tao really loves his 12 stars earphones because those 12 stars stand for 12 members of EXO

我最疼的桃子, 你要堅強..


It’s been a long time..
obviously I’m working on something so here’s a sneak peek for y’all

It’s been a long time..

obviously I’m working on something so here’s a sneak peek for y’all


[DL] BTS - 흔한 아이돌의 크리스마스

I kept refreshing soundcloud for dayz, waiting for the release of this song!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ


Wallpaper >w<

Just A Note

Sorry for all the late responses, as you might have noticed, I’m no longer active on tumblr because of my job and other trivia @.@ Not that I don’t like K-pop / VIXX / Bangtan / History / whatever any more, NOOOOOOO! (Everybody say NO~~~)

Have a nice October and enjoy your fan-girl/ boy adventure in K-pop! (whut?!)

Artist: 버즈
Track: "남자를 몰라"

I wonder if it’s posted before..

I love his voice..



If you like this song, please buy the album to support the boys ^^

I think I should tell you that I’ve been back to my home country last week, so there will be no more fan-taken pictures of Bangtan from me… :S Feel free to un-follow if this isn’t what you’re expecting, no hard feelings… LOL

I feel kinda jealous when people get the random limited Polaroid from the single album… but as I think back, I should be thankful enough that I was able to witness their debut since the showcase. I was so stunned by their first performance of We Are Bulletproof PT.2 and became their fan instantly. 

At first, I knew nothing about Bangtan except the lyrics written by Rap Monster. But as I know more about them, I love them, not just because of their talents but also how conscious they are about their music.

Seriously, I can’t understand why people are hating on them. C’mon, they can dance and rap and pull off a ballad like your favorite idol, not to mention they are CUTE… ><

Don’t be blinded by your fandom to embrace something else, something great :S

End of Confession, by now

kidjin-deactivated20130828 sent: Hello~ From my understanding the pictures you post are editable right? As long as a logo is not added? ^o^

Yeah, free use ^^